we are Passionate, Unconventional, Innovative, Eco-Friendly & Non Negotiable.

PASSIONATE, not by academics, experience or lineage but by relentless zeal to transform ideas into sustainable reality

UNCONVENTIONAL in our thought process, unable to think like a conventional builder, our constant focus is to provide a better living.

INNOVATIVE in our construction methodologies, by constantly researching next generation solutions that help in providing optimal lifestyle.

ECO-FRIENDLY, we love Mother Nature and to show our love, we go green. Our buildings are built with green materials with minimal effect on earth & reduced carbon footprint.

NO NEGOTIATION, be it eco-friendly living or pricing, we dont compromise.

how are we DIFFERENT ?

For the first time in India, We give families & residents, an uninterrupted lifestyle through solar power, matched with aesthetic construction and green materials.

We build contemporary homes, seamlessly integrated with modern technologies & are perfect to start living a next generation lifestyle that is blended with well-rooted traditions.