Bleeding Earth

Mother Earth is bleeding badly.

The construction materials that are conventionally used have a negative effect on earth. And every conventional material has a green alternative available. What is missing is 'the intent' to save the earth. Even if intent is present, just talking will not help, it has to be put into actions.

Here are our few actions to show our love towards Mother Nature.

1. Water       2. Wood       3. Energy      

Water : We don’t use the conventional clay bricks, which are prepared by digging earth, rather go for AAC bricks with chemical jointing where the whole process of brick laying & jointing doesn’t need water curing, resulting in saving of water.

Our building roofs are channeled to collect rainwater and are redirected to rain water-harvesting pits with holes dug beyond 100 feet deep below ground to help in efficient and faster regeneration of ground water.

Wood : We don’t use wood in our building for doors & windows. All doors & windows are made of UPVC. Compared to wood, they are better fire, noise, dust, thermal & water resistant. Cut trees no more.

Energy : We produce our own green & clean energy. The primary source of electricity for our buildings is Solar Power. All lights, fans, TVs & Internet systems run on power produced by our rooftop solar panel installations 24X7, 365 days an year, providing an uninterrupted lifestyle to our residents. We power the buildings by LEDs & power saving fans that are highly energy efficient with minimal load consumption. We don’t need geysers as our buildings are powered by Solar Hot Water, helping in reduced carbon footprint & zero power consumption. Our residents don’t need inverters or diesel generators as back-up.

Ironically the conventional grid power is our back-up source.

With our choice of green alternative materials, we save Water, We don’t cut Trees and we produce our own energy. We are highly energy efficient with minimal carbon footprint.

Yes, we do love Mother Nature and this is our give back to the society & to the Earth.